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Everything Dental on one place

A world first Dental platform of everything DENTAL! Finding Dental industry information has been a complex process in the past, but not anymore.

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For suppliers to the dental industry, you can list what you have to offer by price, by brand and by category.


All high-end professionals are required to engage in ongoing Professional Development
to keep up with the latest advances.

Dental Practice Sale

If you’re buying or selling an existing Dental Practice or Clinics, you can search & find practices for sale in your preferred locations


Search for dental specialist, banks, insurance companies,
allied health, I.T, marketing companies, practice growth companies, dental labs…


Everything Dental in One Place

DI360 provides a comprehensive directory of everything dental!
You can find what you need from around the world and become part of a global network of dental industry professionals.

As a Subscriber, you’ll have instant access to multiple online dental sources of information, without having to traverse through hard copy resources or an abundance of Google search engines.

Advertise your products and/or services, go forth and find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re a Dentist, Practice Manager, Dental Specialist, Supplier, Trainee, Technician, or an Event Coordinator, there’s a wealth of opportunity to advertise, communicate and share industry knowledge. It’s easy, all-inclusive and designed to complement your business operations and career advancement whilst saving you money, time, capital investment and effort.


We Create Beautiful Smiles

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Dental 360 is committed to always providing great customer service to ensure that you always
have the highest quality dental products for your practice.